(^___^) My name is Calvin ....I love transit. I love riding the TTC so I designed this version of my website using the TTC color scheme. My mother gave birth to me in a small town in Ontario called Ajax. In high school I majored in art. I studied illustration, graphic design, painting, drama and music. After taking a year off I decided to study computer animation at the Toronto Film School. I graduated in 2004 however it was difficult finding fulfilling paid work. So instead I spent most of my time hopping from dead end jobs while teaching myself how to draw, paint, and sculpt using the internet. I also got really otaku (obsessive) about DJ culture with my uncle being a huge part of that influence. I worked at bars as a bussboy which was really awesome. Later, Thanks to nice people on youtube I learned a lot more about how to create and even compose music.

I have always kept a healthy passion for art from highend to low, streetart to anime being creative is deeply apart of my life. Having been almost everywhere in my home town I long to explore and expand my artistic horizons. The notion of collaborating with kindred individuals on creative projects is one of the main reasons why this site was created. Not only to showcase my art but inspire others young and old to expand the art community. Since I was a kid I was fascinated by design for film, fashion, games, comics and traditional animation. Back then I drew ninja turtles for my friends and hanged out with other kids who would redraw comics and animated characters. Today I continue that tradition and strive to further develop my skills as an illustrator with the drive to achieve results that satisfy my clients. I beleive that working with others is the best way to advance ones understanding of perspective and creativity.

Feel free to send me an email if your interested in future creative endevers. I look forward to advancing my skillsets and growing as an artist.

Thanks for visiting.


All images have been created by Calvin Clyke. If you copy, download or reshare any of these images please link back to this website.
Special thanks to David Vella, Abdul Ali, Nate Dionisio, Tyler Figueria, Alex Tortosa, Rowan Simpson, Khaled Budeiri, Wayne Carnegie, Caroline Fernandez, Kevin Moon and Scott Clyke

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